Selling Your Humboldt Home

What to Expect When You List With Hyperion Humboldt Realty, Inc…


The first step in selling your home is determining what your home is worth. This can be dependent on several factors:

  • How many buyers and sellers are in the market?
  • How is the market currently trending?
  • What condition is your property in, etc.?

When we work together, we’ll use our past experience in successfully selling properties and our expertise to provide the perspective our clients need to position their property competitively. As your agent, we will guide you through paperwork and advise you on the best pricing strategies.

Getting things in order and preparing to sell your home can be stressful but we’re here to help you every step of the way.

It is our guarantee to you that we will be involved and apply our industry expertise to make your home selling process as stress-free as possible while simultaneously working to get you the best price possible.

Complimentary Market Analysis

Tips for Sellers
  • First Impressions Are Everything
  • Declutter
  • Get a Pest Inspection
  • Make Practical Repairs
  • Clean and Stage Home for Photos & Showings
  • Consider Your Timeline
  • Don’t Overprice
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